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Jiye Lee

British Korean. Lover of words (and cake!) Interested in working with children/teenage students. Globe trotter.


Aftereffects is a moving and lyrical chapbook exploring the subtle reverberations of our lives. Jiye has an extraordinary ability to distill emotion into a few words, and refresh our perceptions of familiar images.

“Dedicated to her beloved father, Lee’s poems launch us straight into the bereavement and the bewilderment that accompanies it. Though her love and grief for her father is the golden thread that binds this pamphlet, she is never self-indulgent. Clear-eyed and open-hearted, Lee takes us around the world to witness beauty, catastrophe and social endeavour everywhere from Goa to Korea, Tyne & Wear to the Red Sea. Wherever her poet’s eye lands, she helps us to see the mortality and humanity that joins us all.”

Kirsten Luckins, Poet and Project Manager of Rebecca Swift Foundation

Available in the UK

Available in South Korea